Sur Tous Les Murs J’écrirai Je Le Jure Liberté Chérie.

1789: Les Amants De La Bastille

So that’s me.

20% Socialist+25% Utilitarian+25% Idealist+30% Humanitarian. Oh. And 100% Internationalist.

Do You Have Faith in Humanity?

After reading about the Public Sphere, I came up with the idea of having a relatively safe space to post my ideas and discuss with those who care. After my Weibo, a popular social media in Mainland China, and Lofter, an app for writers, posts were blocked because of the “sensitive issues” I had written about, I, with supports from friends, built up this, a website for posting my thoughts, research projects, fiction, and archives and for the people who want to exchange ideas without worrying about censorship. In the social media era, consumerism and hedonism affect us too much to think about important issues. You could call me an idealist or a dreamer, but there’s nothing wrong with fighting for the world I want.

This website was published on June 4, 2019.

May you stand proud and strong like Lady Liberty shining all night long

Lana del Rey <God Bless America, and beautiful people in it>

For the past four years, I’ve done independent research and ethnographic studies on democracy, surveillance, systematic inequality, and race diversity. And most of them, though important and interesting, are too sensitive to publish officially. (Plus, I also worry that they may endanger my family). So after they were evaluated by my professors and reviewed by peers, I post them here.

(Edited on Dec 1, 2021: please note that I will put some of my work on password protection or even take down some research projects due to personal safety concerns. Please see the following article for more specific explanations. Please contact me if you are interested in my research projects.)

Politics-related comments and thoughts would be a big part of this website because I could not stop myself thinking and commenting about these important topics. Additionally, I also created a new archive for the news that either quickly disappeared due to censorship or the human nature of forgetting. History is happening, and you and I happen to have the chance to discuss and remember these issues. So why not?

I consider myself as an artist and a writer from time to time after four years of Liberal Arts education. I post my individual artworks on this site. As a fanfiction writer, this site also serves as an archive after can no longer be accessed in Mainland China.

As a non-binary queer, I have considered the question of biopower and disciplinary power for a long time. And I want to challenge the mainstream binary dress code because we, the queer people, have not been involved in the discussion of the definition of “proper”.