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A week ago during my German class, my professor asked me what’s the noise. 

I was confused at first, but then suddenly realized what she meant.

No, It’s not ambulance or MTA but simply bird songs. 

5 to 9, just the birds. 

You can hear the summer from the air. 

The breeze passing through the trees

The bird songs, the rap playing by my neighbor,

and the rolling fans‘ telling me this is an industrialized world.

You can smell the summer from the air. 

Someone is preparing barbecue next door.

No need for perfume or rose,

Just take a breath 

and you can feel the scent of the flowers from nowhere. 

It’s not yet June or July,

But the sun still shines at half past five.

Have you ever imagined a world where everything is stopped,

Everything except human consciousness and time

‘After all, life must go on’ they said

But the world never stops in the birds’ eyes.

I sit in the shadow of my shelter 

In between the vine and the lavender

I almost lost hope and faith

Because silence will fall sooner or later,

But a stream of light from the statue shouting

Don’t you dare stop fighting against the radars. 

‘Where have you been?’

He ran to me from the swimming pool,

Across the bushes and scared a squirrel.

I looked into his aquamarine eyes

And there’s his fear,

‘It’s like you just showed up from nowhere.’

“May you live in interesting times” they said

So I dreamed about the life in 1989,

The chaos, the wall

and the blood that was washed away by the raindrops from the sky.

One continues to get peckish,

The Moon just keeps passing by,

So will you stop when the world is stopped?

‘Nothing you could do nor change’ you heard they’ve shouted.

The wind passed through his blond hair

Not everyone will be saved but at least I would try bc to them life is not fair.

With the sun in the eyes one shall not fear

So I said, no, babe, I’m always here.


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