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People keep asking me these days am I a real liberal activist or am I just calling myself one to make it legit to criticize the liberals.

I called myself moderate left because I am one. I believe in welfare state and resource redistribution because people can not decide what kind of family or region they were born in. I believe that public education and health care should be accessible to everyone, and housing access should be guaranteed by the government. I believe in a relatively strong federal government because roads can not be built by any individual, nor can Apollo 11. I support the government overseeing Wall Street, and whoever was responsible for the global economic crisis should pay the price. I have faith in humanity, and believe that it is not the Jews who caused the hyperinflation in post-WWI Germany, nor should all Muslims be responsible for 9/11. And neither gender nor sex orientation should be decided by your chromosome.

But the problem right now is that I have to be ashamed if I can afford my credit card bills and rent. I have to assume all white people are racists, even though I am partially a Marxist, and believe that race is but a human-made concept for alienating people. I can not state the fact that innocent people’s shops were robbed during the BLM protests because that could have made me a racist. I can not retweet the news of a woman being raped in an all-gender bathroom, nor can I reject a girl who asks me out by saying I am only into guys. I have spit on the statue of General Lee and Winston Churchill in the 21st Century. More importantly, I have to hate the conservatives, and I can not like Harry Potter because JK Rowling tweeted something.

The radical lefts are smart enough to realize that not all Germans were Nazis, and not all Muslims are terrorists, but they refuse to believe that there are also racists among the blacks, Latinos and Asians. They call themselves socialists but do not accept the concept that race and nationality do not matter for internationalists. They think this whole system has failed, and the special interest groups have taken control of everything, yet they still ask the government for funding support and social welfare. They forget that human civilization continues to develop, and it is inappropriate to judge the behaviors in the 18th Century under 21st Century moral standards and common sense. They assume that the majority of people are stupid without much judgment, and it is up to them to judge historical figures. And they even dare to say something like people, us and the younger generation, could learn history in books even if they destroy the historical sites and statues and ban movies and literary works about certain historical periods. Perhaps the radical left, some regard themselves as socialists or even communists, have forgotten that the certain period of the history of some countries on the other side of the earth where the past could be customized by the government, or maybe they just don’t know because it was wiped off from their books. Those are the people who have no faith and trust in government, yet certain that the government would not rewrite history. See the irony here?

The radicals called this a social movement or a revolution for equal rights. You know what I see? I see the exact same thing that happened in France in 1793 and the USSR in 1944, except that they send death threats via internet instead of exiling people to labor camps in Siberia. You know why I criticize them? Because I am humiliated by them when they try to determine for the human race which is the Sinner while thinking that the rest of us and all of the future generations do not have the basic judgment to comment on history by ourselves, and when they use the same methods that were used 250 years ago, by which basically wiped out one small part of human civilization that we human could agree on disagreeing, and problems could be solved by sitting down and negotiating without killing thousands. And I criticize them because they think that they have the credentials to determine who is progressive and liberal.

They call this equal rights movement or a revolution? I call this Neo-Stalinism.


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