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  1. why people tend to assume the relationship between a male and a female as that the female seduced or obsessed with the male if they keep bumping into each other when they have the similar level of power. Similar things could be conclude on divorce courts and affairs too. It seems to be the Chinese culture, and probably the whole world’s social norms, to blame the female, both the wife and the new lover of the husband, and let alone the fact that it is impossible to have an affair if the relatively powerful part is unwilling to do so. However, when there is some, or large, power gap between the male and the female, no matter who has greater power in the society, many would simply conclude that the female has some faults regardless whether the male (or whether they believe the male) has done something wrong. e.g. male idol and female fans accidentally registered in the same hotel, and they would generally assume that the fans are stalking or following the idol regardless that fact that it is possible for just having and accident. But when a female idol and male fans have happened the similar situation, people tend to forgive the fans.
  2. pluralism and the importance of reading on liberty. the essence of freedom of speech and pluralism is that people have to be educated not only to science and philosophy but also is willing to let go their egos and the thought that whatever disagree with oneself is wrong, or at least somewhat wrong. it is probably the hardest task to achieve in the process of internationalism and pluralism because it seems to be one of the protection mechanisms from the psychology perspective. Additionally, it is almost impossible to accept, or willing to accept the counterpart(s)’ theories and ideas if those parts who hold different opinions could not explain the rationales logically to the counterpart(s). here comes the importance of education. however, the current Chinese education system, and many other European and American education systems, naturally assume that there should be only one answer that is correct no matter in what subjects or fields. this education ideology is beneficial to some subjects such as mathematics and astronomy. however, when it comes to ideology, philosophy and art-related areas, it would result in polarization, as Larmore described.


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