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Don’t do it. They said. 

Don’t do it. Don’t say it. Don’t reply to it. Don’t retweet it. 

Don’t do anything about it. 

If you say anything, they will know. 

“Sit down and tell me everything. Don’t even try to hide anything. Tell us now. Now! If you come clean now, nothing will happen. So tell me, why did you repost that picture? Why did you add the comment? Why did you say ‘I wish I were there’?”

Don’t argue with them. Don’t argue with the police. Don’t argue with the big brother. They know everything. 

Grab a beer. Smile. Delete BBC News. Download People’s Daily. 

What’s the point of knowing about those things? Why do you need to know what is happening in Iran? Can the government of Syria provide you food? Why do you care if their children are in hunger? What does their hijab have anything to do with you? 

Are you an American? Are you a Mexican? Why should you care about the election? Is there a difference to you between Trump and Biden? Why do you care about the election?

Calm down, girl. Just calm down. You are nobody. Don’t think about it. Don’t tell them what you are thinking if you disagree. Don’t argue with me. 

Calm down, girl. Take a sip of the tea. Smile. Loose two buttons. Tell them you didn’t mean to do it. Tell them it’s just a mistake or a joke. Cry. Cry harder. Tell them you were seduced. Tell them it’s just pure peer pressure. Tell them your friend made you do it.

Why do you need Wikipedia? Why do you need Google? Don’t you trust what they’ve told you? Don’t you trust the official media? How dare you not to trust the official media? 

Are the gossips not interesting enough? Are Chanel and Dior not attractive enough? Are celebrities not distractive enough? Eh? 

Don’t do it. Don’t think about it. Don’t even try to do it. Just don’t. 

Be cautious of every single word you’ve said. Be cautious of every single line you’ve written. Be careful of every photo on your phone. Be aware of every app you’ve downloaded. 

“What do you mean by saying ‘you wish you were there with them’? Do you want to be part of a revolution? Do you want a revolution? Do you want to crush the stability? ” They shouted

Can democracy feed you? Can freedom feed you? 

They said. They shouted. 

But I wish I were there with them. I wish I were on the street of Belarus. I wish I were on the bridge of Poland. I wish I were among the students in Thailand. I wish I were in the crowd in Iran. 

I wish I were there. 


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